Internal Management

Policy of Labor, Human Right & Ethics

Policy of Labor
  • The Objectives of this policy is to state the terms and conditions of employment of the Company’s employees, and to create awareness of the rules and regulations of work and benefits provided by the Company for the maintenance of good relations between the Employees and the Company in cooperating under this Scheme of Service.
Freely Chosen Employment
  • Do not engaged in forced labor. Right to leave the job freely is ensured.
Child Labor Avoidance
  • Child labor below 18 years is totally prohibited.
Working Hours
  • Total labor hours including overtime work does not exceed statutory limit.
  • Rest days are granted accordance with the law.Wages & Benefit
  • Minimum wages is paid as provided in the law.- Overtime work allowance greater than as determined by the law is paid.
Humane Treatment
  • Disciplinary policies are formulated and communicated to workers.
  • Physical punishment of workers as a disciplinary measures is prohibited.
  • Measures are taken so that sexual harassment, power harassment or verbal abuse will not occur.
Non Discrimination
  • Health check or pregnancy check on applicants for the purpose of discrimination is not carried out.
Freedom of Association
  • Right to form associations under the law is not hindered.
  • Venue to engage in communication with management is set.
Ethical Business Practices
  • Competition laws are observed.
  • Corruption, extortion, embezzlement and bribes are prohibited.
  • We shall not constitute a grant or assignment to 3rd party of any rights under intellectual property rights (including industrial property rights such as patents, utility models or design, or circuit configuration utilization rights, copyrights, trade secrets) with respect to the Confidential Information (if any).
Information Security
  • Company & Customer Confidential Information in confidence and shall exercise in relation thereto strict security measures and the highest degree of care against unauthorized disclosure, copying or use.
Appropriate Export Procedure
  • Proper export procedures are taken for exports regulated by the law.
Product Safety
  • Safety standards provided by laws of individual counties are satisfied by product.